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Toad Tip of the Day -- Editor font zoom shortcut

So, I'm relatively new to Toad, having only been using it for about 20 years since v3 or so. And I just discovered in v15 that one can quickly zoom font sizes in the Editor using Ctrl-Num-+, Ctrl-Num--, and Ctrl-Num-/

How many versions of Toad has this been the default???!?

Presenting two years of Teams/Zoom/WebEx meetings, including Toad where no one can see my beloved 8pt Lucida Console, I would have to go into the menu to hunt for the option, then switch it back after the presentation.

I was about to plop this into the Idea Pond when I just tried the key combo that I've been using for terminal sessions (e.g. PuTTY), and it worked! :slight_smile: And now I see it in the default keyboard bindings.

Learning something new about Toad all the time....

Thanks Quest/Toad Team!

Disclaimer: This is my last working day this year. While unlikely, it is possible that my vacation may have started early.

Also works:



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Happy Holidays Rich, and everyone here, and all the best for 2022.

Or as we Scotsmen say, Happy Winter Solstice.

Norm. [TeamT]

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I use CTRL+Mouse wheel (I think that's what Russ meant).

Happy Holidays to all.