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delimiter detected automatically in data import?

I just upgraded to 11.5 and had a need to import data into a few tables. One of the improvements listed is “The delimiter is now detected automatically.” I assumed this means that it would know that my file is tab-delimited, but the delimiter setting was still comma. I even moved ahead a few screens until I saw the data and that it was truely treating it as comma-delimited.

Am I misinterpreting the feature, or is it not working? I always import tab-delimited files, and making the long mouse trip up from the Next button to change comma to tab-delimited has always been a minor annoyance.

As an aside, I have to comment on the improvement in speed of import. One of our servers is a few thousand miles away, and a typical import can take more than 10 minutes. I was astounded when it loaded my data in less than a second. Wow! Congratulation on that improvement.

A bit of a misunderstanding here. The improvement was that Toad will now detect end of LINE delimiters (CR, LF, or CR+LF). It used to be that you had to specify this. You still have to tell Toad what the field delimiters are.

Yeah that speed improvement is nice, huh? Array DML is a wonderful thing. There were also some optimizations in processing the text files.

And I just made a change for next beta so the Next and Back buttons have shortcuts. (X underlined in Next and K in Back)