Delimiter Option issue?


I am using the Delimiter option in TOAD but have noticed it does not always show a line strip for me.

I have enabled the option via Tools --> Options --> Editor --> General --> Click box 'show delimiter strip after'.

I start a new script it shows the line, but if i open a file it will not show the delimiter. I have also noticed if i drag and drop a file within Toad from Windows Explore it will only show the strip after my text in the file.

Is this a known issue? Or is there a way I can fix it?

The reason I need the delimiter is because I can't upload a file with more than 70 chars long to the mainframe.

TOAD Version: Toad for IBM DB2 for Z/OS

I have attached a few screen shots to better explain the issue.

Thanks again for all your help!!!





I’m not getting the exact same results you describe, but I am seeing some inconsistencies with when the line gets painted. I do see the delimiter line when dragging in a file or opening a file, but only below the code and not thru it. I don’t see the delimiter line on the currently hightlighted line (blue shading), but that’s working as designed. I also never see the delimiter line on the first line. If I highlight over my SQL, then the delimiter line sometimes get painted but not for every line.

Bottom line, I think you’ve identified a bug. I’ll open an issue for this.



Thanks Steve! I have also noticed if you change the font the delimiter line moves all over the place and does not stay at 70 chars or what you specific for the line.

Hopefully this issue can be fixed.