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I am looking a object DELL_COM_TEAM_CODING in our audit report being access by different developers at different times . When I try to query it I can’t find the object in database .
What this object is used for ?



Hi Rash,

This is an Oracle public synonym used to allow users to easily access the Team Coding tables, which is usually located in the TOAD schema (unless it was installed to another schema). Toad resolves this synonym each time a connection is made, so this is normal. This synonym is required for Team Coding to work in in a shared team environment within Toad.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.




Thanks John for your reply .

I can’t find this object in Toad schema in my database , is it kind of dynamic object?


Hi Rash,

When Toad makes a connection, it queries the database referencing DELL_COM_TEAM_CODING in order to see if Team Coding is installed to a central schema. If the query being executed is a select statement, that’s most likely what you’re experiencing. If you’re seeing the query in a different context, feel free to send me a private message on here with the query you’re seeing and I can let you know if it’s something Toad is querying or something a user might be querying.




Thanks for taking time to reply , how can I find this query ?


I still have a big doubt why can’t i find this public synonym in my database and this object just appears in audit reports.


It will only exist if Team coding was set up on the database, AND, if it was set up with a Toad version 12.6 or later

But Toad may query the database to see if it exists, even if it doesn’t exist.