Possible Team Coding issue in

Let me start by saying I am very new to Team Coding. I recently had a new Oracle Instance setup and have a MEDLKPADM schema to hold data for an project and a TOAD Schema which has the Team Coding infrastructure installed. When I log into MEDLKPADM on using Toad 13.2 everything looks correct as shown below:

image image

Note the USPRD158 (Oracle Instance) is Green as it should be in the VCS image since that is what I logged into.

However when I use Toad to connect to MEDLKPADM on USPRD158 I get the following:

image image

Note the USPRD158 is now Blue and the Team Projects is blank.

If I then connect to the TOAD schema (something other users will not be able to do) magically the information in the Team Coding Manager appears correctly as shown below:

image image

If I then end my connection to TOAD on USPRD158, leaving just MEDLKPADM on USPRD158 connected, everything continues to appear correctly.

Any idea what could cause this?

Hi Michael,

I'm not able to reproduce this issue in-house. I tried setting up a Team Project and schema similar to the screenshots you provided. I also included the HR schema in the project to see if that might, perhaps affect anything. For me, the USPRD158 folder is showing with a green folder (signifying that it's a controlled folder):

VCSManager TCManager

In looking at the code, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that perhaps the non-privileged user was not able to successfully load the Team Coding configuration. I'm wondering if there are conflicting public synonyms in your database. If you could, check for conflicting entries for the Team Coding public synonyms using the following query:


Also, are you able to consistently reproduce this issue, or was it something that happened once and was cleared once you logged in via the TOAD account and then disconnected?




I was able to consistently reproduce this behavior for about a week before I posted, but now it seems to all be working just fine. I have not been able to reproduce this since 2/21. I would consider it resolved. If I happen to hit this again in the future I will let you know. Thanks for your assistance.