Describe Object not using correct schema

I connect to 2 different schemas, then open an SQL Editor window and drag a script into it. I can switch the editor window between the 2 schemas using the Change Session drop down. But when I describe a table, it only works for the first schema I conencted to. When I do it in the second schema, TOAD looks for . in the second schema. If I prefix the tablename with the schema I am in, then TOAD describes the correct table. However I don’t want to have to type out the schema name every time, in every script, for every schema I have to connect to. TOAD 9.7.2 worked fine, but the latest version we have, 10.6.1, doesn’t .
Is there a setting I have missed, or is this a bug?

It sounds like a bug. I’ve completely reworked our
“ResolveObject” code this beta cycle – so the current beta
should resolve objects correctly. If you can try the beta, please do, and let me
know how it goes.

You can get it here…

OK, it will take me a while before I can install the beta, but I’ll get back to you.