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Navigate in Database Diagram


Recently I found our that Toad provide the option to create Database Diagram. I have a lot of tables in my db hence I found it’s very helpful. I created diagram but I have a problem to understand and navigate in it.

E.g. how could I search for particular table? I know the name of if but can’t locate it easily. Does it have a ‘search’ option? What means symbols on diagram? I understand the symbol of primary key but how about the rest?

Any advice?



when I use the database diagram feature I would normally create a diagram with a small subset of related tables. You can save your diagrams in the project manager.

For projects with a lot of tables I would consider looking at This has the ability to reverse engineer your database and then create multiple workspaces. This does have a find feature and you can annotate your model.

Please enter the find table feature into the idea pond.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for response. Thanks for pointing to data-modeler option.

Actually I’m not db expert and need this ERD only to navigate and find relations between tables hence it fits me quite well.

I am happy to have it since it provides me the “whole vision” of all tables.

Anyway I understood from your reply that current Database Diagram option does not have ‘search’ option. It’s OK, I just wanted to know. How about meaning of symbols or ‘best practice’ to navigate inside Diagram?

Do you know if they have some help on it?

Also where is located ‘idea pond’? I could put this request there as you suggested.

Thanks a lot


there is a help section on this, press F1, select index on the tab and search for diagram relationships. There is some info on the icons. You can also add your own relations between tables.

So the idea pond should be available on the same screen you entered this message. There is Overview, Forum, Blog and Idea Pond. You might need to still your idea under General.

The developers read these ideas and put them forward into future releases.



Thanks a lot,

I’m all set now.