Importing SQL Server Database Diagrams to Toad Data Modeller.

We have some existing SQL server database diagrams where diagrams are arranged based on module like Order, Customer, Product. Each module diagram is having bunch of tables. When I run reverse engineering, Toad Data Modeler is just creating one single Diagram which includes all tables.

Is there any way to get SQL Server diagrams exported as separate workspace based on module in Toad Data Modeler? Any kind of suggestion would be helpful.


what software or tool (and what version) did you use to create your SQL server diagrams, please?

Toad Data Modeler loads what you have in your physically existing database. When you reverse engineer your database structure one diagram will be created automatically, but there are ways how to divide it to several workspaces quickly. The only information we need is something what can be used to find out what tables belong to what “module”.

We can write a scirpt to divide diagram by schema/user (this is already available for Oracle models), or… if you have something in table comments, or if you use some table prefix… etc.

Let me know how to recognize tables that belong to module Order, to module Customer and to module Product and I’ll help you with the script.