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Direct link to index definition and table from explain plan


The SQL Explain Plan could have some feature that we could use to quickly see what columns are indexed in the particular index that SQL explain plan mentions.

For example, in the following picture I see that the index APPS.XXKNS_HZ_PARTIES_N26 is used.

So it would be nice if a mouse double click on the index name in the plan would show what columns are in the index, or for example lead to the index definition:

Same thing would be nice - if I double-click on the table name in the execution plan would lead to the table definition.

If talking about table definition, this leads to another enhancement in the table definition - Tab "Indexes":

If I have a column in mind and I need to know in which indexes this column is included, I have to open and view each one of these indexes.

It would be nice to somehow search/filter indexes by a column that it is indexing (Maybe a little "Filter By Colum" field?)

(Pardon for mixing 2 ideas into 1).


Hi Martin,

The Explain Plan is developed by another Team in Quest/Dell. I have forwarded your idea to the team. I believe they are happy to see this.