Enhancement Request: Index Name in SQL Optimizer under Access Plan tab

In SQL Optimizer, when you view the access plan under the Access Plan tab, there is details on the table and indexes under the table on the right hand size. The index Name column listed is a combo of the index definer + index name, and then there’s a separate column for index schema, eg. Index definer is X456546 and the name is INDEX1. The column shows X456546.INDEX1 whereas the actual index schema is DB2. It gets confusing to see the index name being X456546.INDEX1 instead of DB2.INDEX1, as what is being shown in the access graph.

I would like to request the index name column to use a combo of index schema + index name, which would be consistently to what is displayed under the access plan graph on the left hand side.


Hello, Sharon.

I have opened CR#80833 for your request.

Thank you.

Thank you!