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Disable Freeware connections

There is a TOAD for Oracle feature that allows DBAs to disable connections via FreeWare versions of TOAD for Oracle. Is there a similar feature for the other FreeWare variants ? Where do I find that information ?


Are you talking about Toad for SQL Server or for Oracle?

Yes… Quest previously provided information on how Oracle DBAs could block access to TOAD for Oracle Freeware Edition. Is there a similar method for SQLServer DBAs to block connections from TOAD for SQLServer Freeware Edition ?

I’m sorry, what do you mean by saying “block access”?

Are you talking about read-only access to database from toad product?

Do you have a link to online help in toad for oracle explaining the feature?

With respect to TOAD for Oracle, if you created a table in the TOAD schema called TOAD_FREEWARE which contains a single column called MESSAGE…then if someone attempts to connect to that Oracle DB with TOAD for Oracle Freeware edition, the message in that table is displayed and the connection is denied.

So does such a feature exists in kind for TOAD for SQL*Server by which if the DBA created a table in a schema called TOAD with the table named as TOAD_FREEWARE and the message populated with

“Security Violation - Free Toad Software Not Supported for this environment”

that when a developer connected to the SQLServer DB with TOAD for SQLServer Freeware edition that they would be presented with the message and denied the connection ???

That being true, does this also remain true for TOAD for MySQL and TOAD for IBM DB2 in similar fashion?

Now I see what you are talking about.

We do not have such a feature in DB2, MySQL and Sql Server.

Would you please give me a real world case why you want to limit freeware to connect to your database? i.e developer may download and try any other freeware offer and avoid such protection easily.

Real world example…

To ensure optimal product support and operation, our preference is for our developers to use the versions that are IT certified within our organization for use. Certification encompasses operation of the product itself as well as possible impact to other applications or the workstation itself.

  • We want our developers to be on the same certified and approved version. This makes it easier to engage in key functionality and with the confidence that the products are working the same and not failing due to some new ‘feature/bug’ in the latest free version.

It can be an unfortunate waste of effort chasing down a problem, only to find out that something works just fine with the current deployed version that everyone else has…but developer ‘x’, who is offshore, is using the latest freeware and can’t get his/her job done … and only tells you at the end that they are using the free version and not the approved version for use.

Additionally, I love the TOAD products for how easy they make things. That is a double edge sword. You can do the same things in SQL*Plus but it takes considerably more effort and knowledge, whereas in TOAD it is a button click. Ensuring people are using the licensed version, provides for one more hurdle. This isn’t an issue in production or qa, but a test environmment distrupted can lead to inefficiences in your qa/production migration schedule.

So it is definitely more about maintaining an efficient and stable development environment. This is merely one of those tools adding to that.

However, it would appear that there are no controls outside of what we see in TOAD for Oracle, that exists in the other platform dev tools… to provide the desired effect.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks, good explanation, though you didn’t answer how it helps if developers are using software from other vendors. I mean I can easily install and use ANY sql editor and it will not help you to make me use your certified freeware version.

Nevermind. Thank you for your time.

This is actually an interesting situation. I understand the need for a corporation to monitor what applications are used. We currently do not have a way to restrict Freeware access. But I think this would be very easy to add through our Toad Security. A DBA would need to set up the table but this is easy to do.

I added CR111,054 for this enhancement. How many Toad for SQL Server users to you have. The volume might help determine when to add this feature.

Our SQL Server deployment of TOAD is much smaller than the Oracle implementation. My suspect is that if it is an enhancement that it will probably fall lower on the priority of changes. It was an ask given the functionality in TOAD for Oracle to see if parallel functionality existed in other platform lineups i.e. IBM DB2, SQL*Server, MySQL