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Freeware features

I’m a consultant working onsite with a client, trying to modify their current testing software. I’m using Toad for SQL Server (Freeware) & noticed that several of the Tools (Query Builder, Object Search, etc.) are grayed-out & show “(Not Licensed)” next to their menu entries.

When I tried to contact Toad/Dell about a license key, they replied that there is no support for the freeware version & I should contact this forum…so here I am.

My question is this—is what it is, what it is? In other words, the freeware does only those things it’s configured to do & that’s it? If that’s the case, I’ll probably inquire about getting a single-user/single-seat license that I can take with me from job to job, client to client. I’m sure it’ll be large $$, but I’ve used Toad for years & much prefer it to SQL Manager & the like.

Thanks in advance for any & all replies. —RJF

The tools you are referring to are only available in the commercial version of the product.

You can purchase it from here:…/purl-toad-for-sql-server

To check what edition you need check out this matrix:…/ToadSS_FunctionalMatrix.pdf

What do you exactly get, when you buy “Toad for SQL Server Professional Edition”?

Is the licence time limited?

When there will be a new version in the future (for example after 3 years), can I download it and use paid feature for free?