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disable Migration of FK Attributes to Child Entities

I have a pretty big Universal model. When I export it to MYSQL format, Toad inserts FK Attributes to Child Entities. This is supposed to be a feature of Universal model?! (UGH). I was also surprised Universal model cannot generate “Standard” SQL, but that’s another story.

Being new to toad, i wasnt aware of this FK joy. The question is how to disable that when i export to Mysql??? I dont want all these new FPK/FKs polluting my tables.


Hi sharks22,

Migration of keys to child entities is one of the core features of Universal Data Model, compared to Logical Data Model where there is no migration, but inheritance can be set as desired on the other hand.

Anyway, for what reason do you want to generate SQL on your Universal Model? And why do you want keys not migrate to child entities in you MySQL conversion from UDB? In case you need to change mapping of the keys, you can do so via Relationship Properties | General tab.




more info about model type selection can be found at:…/model-type-selection.aspx