Display notes for entities

Hi there,
I use notes on entities and attributes to explain meanings and processes linked to those items. One nice feature is that notes pop-up when I point to the object.
While this works perfect with notes of attributes it doesn’t with notes of entities :frowning:
Notes of attributes will be displayed as soon as I point with my mouse on them. If I point on the entity (top row) nothing happens. Only if I open the entity dialog and save the entity again, the note will be displayed next time. If I close the model (or the Data Modeler) and open up again the notes won’t be displayed again.

What can I do?
Is it possible to select and save all items of a model?

Thanks for any help!

Hello maxwey,

I’ve tested it in latest Beta and future v. 3.1 and it works fine.
Whenever I point mouse cursor at entity name, a pop up on cream background color appears.
Whenever I point mouse cursor at attribute name, a pop up on blue background color appears.

What origin is your model of? New, reversed, imported from TDM2?
What TDM version do you use?




Hello Vladka,

the origin of my actual model is indeed a TDM2 model. But I’ve tested it with a new generated model now and it produce the same fault. My model is a physical model (Oracle 10g).

Right now I’m using the trial version (File version but I have ordered a commercial license already.

Maybe I should mention that I had some trouble to install TDM since I had a conflict with Norton Antivirus (so I had to deregister the scriptproxy.dll as recommended in an other Post).



Hello Markus,

Thanks for the info. I’ve forwarded this issue to our testers for further verification. Unfortunately, I keep failing to reproduce the problem.

Anyway, next official release of TDM3 v. 3.1 should be released within several weeks. It should work fine there. So, please feel free to check it out then.

Thanks for your patience and co-operation!