"Display full path as tab hints" sometimes stops working

Toad for Oracle Base Edition (32-bit)

Toad sometimes stops displaying the loaded editor tab's full path as a hover hint. I have "Display full path as tab hints" enabled in the Editor options, and have tried unchecking, applying and re-checking it, to no effect. I haven't noticed a pattern as to when and why this occurs, but I develop against many branches and versions of our codebase and so this facility is invaluable to me.

The only way to cure the problem is to restart Toad, but this is not ideal to me as I can have many sessions and files / forms open in Toad.

I have not seen this issue personally, but then, I'm running 64-bit Toad in my Windows 10.

Almost sounds like a memory issue, as I've seen similar situations with Toad and other apps when workstation memory gets low... when the non-display happens, do you have lots of apps or files open? Memory on your workstation? Anxious to hear if Quest Dev can reproduce.

I think if Paul were low on memory, there would be bigger problems.

That said, it's pretty easy to exceed the 1.5 Gb limit in 32-bit land. 64 bit has no practical limitation on memory usage.

I took a peek at the code and don't see any reason why this might be happening. Do all hints stop working (for instance toolbar buttons) or just the ones on the tabs?


Hi John

No memory problems here, I have plenty and less than 50% in use. Only the editor tab hints have stopped working. Toolbar buttons / session tab etc all working.


I've got the same problem.

The error occurs if several editor windows are opened. Thus, the hint function only works in windows that are opened later. In the case of files opened in the original first editor window, the path as a tooltip is no longer displayed.