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Editor does not show query result

Good day,

Today I ran the TOAD and it showed me the screen in this way and when I make a query I don't see where I can see the result.
Yesterday it worked well for me, but not today

Toad for Oracle Base 64b

Hi Carlos,

That's strange. It looks like part of the About window is somehow lingering. Can you try selecting Help -> About to show the window in full, and then close the window to see if it goes away? If that doesn't help, can you try rebooting your machine to see if there's something lingering in Windows' memory that's causing some kind of conflict in its GUI drawing?


Thanks for answering John,
I already rebooted.

... but the "Data Grid", "Script Output", "Messages" .. windows still don't appear

Right-click -> Desktop -> Data Grid.

I already activated everything and the windows are not visible.

What worked for me was:
Right-click -> Desktop -> Restore desktop defaults.

Thank you John !

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