Displaying cached execution plan in "tree display" without inactive steps for adaptive plans

May I request this option(displaying cached execution plan in "tree display" without inactive steps for adaptive plans) be added to Toad for Oracle(which means there will be a switch or option selection (a) include inactive steps (b) active steps only ?

The problem is that the tree gets its data from v$sql_plan or from TOAD_PLAN_TABLE, and I don't see any information in there to identify if a plan is adaptive, and if so, which steps.

I hope this link may help in some way.


That is helpful, thank you.

You are welcome.

Has this feature been added to the new release 14?

It was too late to add to 14.0, but it will be in the next 15.0 beta.

The only criteria for running the beta is having the most recent official version installed. So after you install 14.0, you can get the beta here:

Thank you so much!

I downloaded/installed the 15.0 beta.

How can I turn on/off the inactive steps?

It's not in the current beta. It will be in the next one, which should be available Monday. A little icon will appear on the bottom status bar to tell you when the new beta is available and then you can just click to download it.

To answer your question though, the tree-style explain plain will follow the setting that you have for DBMS_XPLAN. So, depending on the setting, it will either not show the disabled steps, or show them and identify them as disabled.

Thanks again.

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Can you please provide me the link to download 15.0 beta?

The version number got changed to 14.1, but it works in this version: Toad for Oracle 14.1 Beta

Note: because of the version change, you need to uninstall the 15.0 beta and then install 14.1. This is the only time that you'll have to do that.

Thank you.

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