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Session Browser support for Optimizer Adaptive plans


Tree view does not appear to recognize Adaptive plans. I can use DBMS_XPLAN view (when connected to the correct instance), but are there plans to integrate adaptive plans into Tree view?


This has come up before but then it fell off the radar. I’ll log it so I don’t forget again. Too late for Toad 13, but I can look at it for 13.1 or whatever number we give it.


Oh, I remember now - it didn’t fall off the radar. I never was able to find a reliable way to determine the adaptive steps from the plan_table data.


The Adaptive plans and, to some extent, the Notes info, are requiring me to use the dbms_xplan more and more, though I really prefer the tree view. I haven’t investigated this (too busy putting out fire), but if I stumble across something, I’ll certainly let you know.