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[] Read-only Blob columns

Options "Make BLOB columns read-only" & "Make CLOB columns read-only" not work in

I can no longer edit them directly in the grid after set the option (and re-execute the query if it was already executed when I set the option).

It looks like the grid will take an edit, but it does not if I actually type something.

The popup BLOB or CLOB editor still accepts changes if the query includes ROWID.

If you see something else, please let me know.

I'ts magic.
Now edit actually disabled.
Yesterday it wasn't.

Small visual effect left:
When try to edit LOB in grid, "(BLOB)" text remains, but "(Null Blob)" text cleans (but text restores after leaving cell).

I'll clean it up so that the field doesn't act like it is going to let you edit.

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Thank You, John.