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Documentation of Icons in Physical Model Explorer missing?


in the Physical Model Explorer each object type has got it’s own set of icons. In my case, there are “normal” icons for the entities but one entity has got an exclamation mark in the right upper corner. So I searched the documentation for icons and their meanings but didn’t find such an icon.

Where to find the documentation abount this icon with the exclamation mark and maybe the other icons that exist as well.




Thanks for your question. The icon appears there based on Model Verification results, so it seems you have some Warning on that entity from your Model Verification.

There is a clue leading you to Model Verification in the entity context menu, which, when there is any Error, Warning or Hint available, provides Quick Fixes sub-menu with proposals.

See Model Verification with Quick Fixes movie for overall Model Verification functionality.

I’ll add information about the verification states in Model Explorer topic of Help, or will link the topic with Model Verification to make this clear.

Thank you!


Thanks a lot for this quick response.