Enhancement on Physical Model Explorer

I am wondering if it is possible to allow user double/single click on the entity name on the Physical model explorer to file the specific Entity on the work space. I knew when we double click on the entity om Physical model explorer, the properties window of the Entity will popup. I think it would be useful if we are allow to select/highlight that entity on workspace as well. I knew that we can do that by click the + sign on the entity and click on the shortcut folder and then click on the entry on the shortcut folder. I think it would be more convenient by just single click/double click on the Entity under Physical model explorer

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


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Hello Chi,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, it works as you describe:

  • double-click the entity name opens the Entity Properties form.

You’d prefer to select the entity name to highlight the selected entity in WS (possibly as another entity right-click option). However, what entity shortcut should be highlighted? And in which workspace?

Let me explain:
All you can see in workspaces are only shortcuts of objects (graphical representatives of entities, relationships etc.). You can have many workspaces and a shortcut of one entity in each of them and even more shortcuts of the entity in one workspace. Therefore, you need to see the Shortcuts folder of particular entity in Model Explorer and double-click it here. (Just two more clicks to expand the entity folder + double-click on the selected item.) Then the selected shortcut will be highlighted in particular workspace.
So, this is the reason why it works this way.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.