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Does TDM work out object ordering for views?

When TDM generates a DDL script, it creates Foreign Keys after it has created all the tables, so table ordering is not important.

Views are then created after all tables. But if a view depends on another view, TDM can get the ordering wrong.

I was expecting TDM to order views by dependency (View Relationship) first, so that it generates their definitions in order, but this doesn’t seem to be happening.

Does TDM not do this, have we just been lucky up until now?

Is there a way of recalculating view order by dependency, or do we just have to fix this manually in the Object Ordering tool?


Hi Phil,

Toad Data Modeler does not currently take View dependencies into account when generating DDL scripts. I’m afraid you will have to use the Order of Generated Objects tool in Model Menu.

However, I have created an enhancement request for your suggestion (TDM-2353) so this functionality could make it into one of the future versions.