View Ordering?

Is there any way to order the views in a workspace (or the main model explorer tree)? We have many views and some views are built on others. If they are not created in the correct order in the script, the database complains… This is using MySQL 5.1.

I can order them, by deleting them, then creating them from scratch in the order they need to be in, but that is clunky, time consuming and VERY error prone.

There is an altha-order menu item. Just need a “manual sort” menu which whould pop up a list box with up/down arrows so I can put them in the order I need them.


Hello Jason,

To reorder views (and other objects) for DDL script generation, select Model | Order of Generated Objects. Feel free to reorder them as you need.
Note: The change will affect only the final DDL script. This change doesn’t affect order of views in Model Explorer or on the WS.

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.

Have a nice day.


Thanks! Don’t know why I missed that menu item!