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Dont work this Tip: You can also right-click the object and select Describe.


I have version 12.1. On every grid right clickt shows popup menu like below. On older version TOAD i have menu with Describe. Why it dont work? Is it bug, or J changed something option, but don't know which option. Please help. F4 still work. When doubleclick it not show describe but alter. I don't know chow change it

You wrote that changed, but:

  1. On editor context menu is OK

  2. Why make worse? (explanation is not good - icons are no intuitive)

  3. Double click on tablespace name in old version open window 'describe', but now open window 'alter'. For me, it is stupid.

  4. Mayby you don't understand me - i repeated upload screenshots. I hope it is something option. If not, I will not buy new TOAD - For me this change is in bad direction.

I can’t see your screen shots (not sure why) but several versions ago the grids all got the same menu popup menu (for the sake of consistency throughout the product - something that a lot of customers were asking for at the time). Anything “one off” about a particular grid became a toolbar item. I’m not sure which grid you are talking about in this case, but if you tell me, I might have some more informaiton for you.

I uploaded files, please help

Oh, this is more about the Schema Browser and Describe windows than the grids. You can still get this old menu. Rt-click on the object name above the tabs. If you use the new grouped describe dialogs, you can rt-click on the object name in the left hand side.

These schema browser/describe object menus were moved because in some cases they caused confusion. They used to be all over the window, except some controls had their own menus. It was very inconsistent and the inconsistency caused confusion. In the “Describe User” window, for example, in the old version, you could go to the objects tab, and choose “drop”. Does this drop the user or the selected object in the Objects tab? It dropped the user. But because of all of the other rt-click menus in various places that were context sensitive, people thought that it would just drop the selected object in the grid. This is just an example - there were more.

I do not know whether you represent Quest, but …

I understand that the current solution safer , but that’s really for the layman . I’ve never had a problem .

Today’s solution makes it impossible to do what the old version :

1 Open Tablespaces

2 Double click - opens describe tablespace

3 Selecting Objects

4 Sort

5 Right click - select describe

6 In the new window again describe

I know I can use the F4 , but it is not convenient .

Today’s solution is not consistent . In tab Used - when use right click - popup menu containing Describe

Describe should be on every menu. If at any time you can press F4 and appears describe (if that makes sense ) , then at the grid pop-up menu should have “describe” .

Since this is the place for Appearance (I never used to use ) , the place to “describe” should also be found .

Personally, I think that should be an option that double click acts as a check of the whole row or openly describe - as already happens in the old version of the Tablespaces window .

I do not know whether you represent Quest

I have been one of the Toad developers for over 10 years now so you are talking to the right person.

Today’s solution makes it impossible

Impossible? Using F4 is not impossible. How about “different” :slight_smile:

We made a big effort to make the right-click menus on the grid identical throughout Toad, so I can’t change them. The “Used by” tab that you mention is a tree, not a grid (although it looks like a grid if data is all at the same level)

I have heard complaints about the double-click action there before, so I made a few changes for you. I added a “describe” button on the toolbar, as well as a “Double-click action” dropdown (you can choose between “alter” and “describe”). The nice thing about the toolbar button for describe is that you can use it do describe more than one object at a time, but you will be able to double-click the grid for describes now if you’d like.

In the “Objects” tab of the describe tablespace window, I also added a “describe” button on the toolbar.

These changes will be in the next beta. I hope they make it more comfortable for you.

Thanks for very fast answer :slight_smile: