Cannot get F4 to open describe window

I could have sworn that this worked after I initially upgraded to, but it doesn’t seem to be working now – and I can’t find where to configure it.

I can force the describe window to open if I type “desc [objectname]”, but I cannot get it to open by putting my cursor on the object name and hitting F4, like I’ve been doing for more years than I care to admit. Anybody know if this is a configuration option buried somewhere, and how to find it again?

It should still work. Are you sure it’s just not coming up off screen? If
you are F4ing in an editor, is the editor attached to a connection?

Yes, I’m doing it in an editor window – though it looks like it doesn’t matter, because if I do open a describe window (by typing DESC TABLENAME and executing) and look at an object name in that describe window (such as a package reference in trigger code), F4 won’t work from there, either.

Yes, the editor is attached to a session – and I can type DESC TABLENAME and get the describe window to open.

Hmmm…after checking this out further, I found the on-screen keyboard tool’s F4 worked properly. So it’s got to be something with my physical keyboard.