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double clicking does nothing in the GRIDs in Toad 10.1 and 10.6


In both 10.1 and 10.6 I have lost the ability to get the pop-up editor when
double clicking in the grid. RIGHT CLICK and choose pop-up editor however works
so it is not a big deal just a minor pain.

However when I tried Norman Dunbars cursor example then things went a little
differently. I still had to RIGHT CLICK and choose pop-up editor to get the
CURSOR pop-up editor. But within the cursor pop-up editor I could get a pop-up
editor by double clicking in the cursor editors grid.


It’s still there. Just make sure Options -> Data Grids -> Visual ->
Immediate Edit is unchecked.


Thank you. That worked.

Might a make a suggestion about the OPTIONS dialogue.

Have a HELP button on each page which automatically goes to the HELP for that
page in the standard HELPs.

I had to search a bit to find what IMMEDIATE EDIT meant.