Popup editor with XML

After running the following query in the editor (F9), double clicking either field in the data grid causes the grid popup editor to appear:

SELECT ‘hello’ text_field,
xmltype (‘hello’) xml_field

I realise that the xml popup editor has been removed, so I’ve put an xml editor in the executables section in TOAD options (I’m using microsoft XML notepad). However, when I then double click in the datagrid, both the xml and the char fields open up xml notepad. I would have expected only the xml field to do this, and the char to open the usual popup editor.

Is this expected behaviour?

Pity the xml editor has gone, as I found it very useful.

I will also miss it once we move up to 10.x…


You can always keep your 9.7 copy installed and use it for your XML
work…and v10+ for everything else.