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Double-clicking SQL File Doesn't Open New Editor

This is driving me nuts.

I have SQL files set up to open Toad Data Point in Windows.

If I don't have an existing instance of TDP running, double-clicking a SQL file in my File Explorer will open up the file just fine. However, if I've already got an instance of TDP running, nothing will happen. I either have to use File-->Open from TDP, or I can drag the file from File Explorer into an existing editor window, and then a new editor window will open with the file.

Any ideas as to why double-clicking won't just open a new Editor window in my TDP instance? I've never had this problem before...

I don't get that behavior. I get the file to open in TDP when it isn't open as well as when it is. What version of TDP are you using? You might want to go into the Options and re-select the *.sql extension and run the program that re-registers the file type to see if that helps.

I'm using Toad 5.0. I've done some more testing and troubleshooting, and I'm starting to think it must be some kind of Windows (10) setting. The default behavior of Windows 10 seems to be to open new files in a new instance of whatever I'm trying to open. I have TDP set up to allow multiple instances, but the setting doesn't seem to be working for me (which is fine--I don't typically like running multiple instances). But, that's why the second file won't open--it appears to be trying to open a second instance and failing. And I can't figure out how to force it to open in the same instance.

I am not sure why our behaviors are different. Perhaps your IT can answer?

I see the same behavior with my TDP (Toad Data Point (64 bit)), not only for .sql but also for TDP specific filetypes like .tas, .tsm etc.

we already have this kind of behaviour reported for TDP, so we're looking into it.
Thanks for your comments.

I've been having this problem since installing TDP 5.0xx. I was hoping installing 5.1 would fix it, but it has not. Is there a solution available to fix this behavior in Windows 10?

Well, the workaround is to drag the files into TDP - only double clicking does not work when trying to append files to open in Toad.