Double-Dollar Drag

Using: Toad for Oracle Professional Edition (64-bit)

If I type "$$blah" into the Editor, then try to highlight that by dragging with the mouse, Toad hangs. For example, many times I would have inquiry directive like $$PLSQL_UNIT, and if I try to drag-select that text, pow. It doesn't seem to matter what follows the $$, lowercase, uppercase, whatever. I can select this text by selecting something adjacent then using cursor keys etc, just not with the mouse.

If you just have $$PLSQL_UNIT in an Editor without any additional text does it also occur? If not, please provide a sample text that produces it.

$$PLSQL_UNIT in an editor with nothing else causes it. In fact, with no other characters at all besides simply "$$" causes it as well. To try and figure out if it's something else, maybe some weird Logitech thing, I tried this in notepad/word/notepad++/mscode etc and this only happens in Toad.

If you zip and send me your user files I will try with those. I cannot reproduce in my environment. User Files folder is a subfolder of your app data folder. Its location is seen in Toad's Options. You can omit Connection*.xml if you'd like. My email is

@shenan.hawkins - John Dorlon reminded me of something incredibly useful... Freeze Detection. See this post for steps on enabling it. Enable freeze detection and reproduce the issue. Send the call stack that is generated. Picklist Dropdown freezes in endless loop - #2 by JohnDorlon