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Duplicate entries in SQL recall overview


I just noticed I have a lot of duplicate entries in the SQL recall overview.

It has been caused by manually ‘polling’ for an event to complete.

Would it be feasible to add entries to the recall log only when it is different from the preceding entry?

As far as I am concerned there’s no need to check for duplicates in general.
It’s nice to have a chronological overview. It’s just that repeated queries clot the list without adding value.

Best regards,

Abe, I’m not able to reproduce. By polling do you mean just executing one query over and over again? I tried with a single query and executed it multiple time using F9 and Ctrl+Enter (Shift+F9) and I’m only seeing a single entry. The last executed timestamp is updated, but that is all. If the SQL executed is exactly the same as any other SQL in SQL Recall for the same connection it is designed to update the timestamp and nothing more. If there are any differences a new entry is added.


I just retried on and Toad indeed behaves as you described. The behaviour I described in my earlier post fails to reproduce. This day is starting fine!