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Editor Formatter - Custome dialog - please fix the UI

Please fix the UI on this dialog ! When I expand nodes the tree is not refreshed. Toad 6.8 64 bit running on windows 2008 R2. Please understand that it is very frustrating to come back to this dialog and to find the same behaviour. Code formatting is one of the reasons I bought Toad for SQL Server.

Hi costabas,

I will check with our development team if this issue was captured before and if it was submitted as a bug.

Did you raise a support ticket for this issue with a prior version of Toad?



I didn’t create a support ticket but I reported the issues on this thread: in March this year!

Hello Costabas,

You already wrote about this issue in a prior post. We logged this internally as issue QP-1435. It’s remarkable that it only seems to occur in a .NET context.

While awaiting a fix I found this workaround from an unknown user: If you collapse the whole list (click the minus sign on the first entry, for instance MySql Formatter Options) and then re-expand it, everything works as expected again.

I certainly don’t consider this to be a fix, but I hope it can help in the meantime. I’ll try to find a fix asap.


Andre, thanks for the tip, interesting enough, I didn’t collapse/expand the root node before, only the child nodes. It brings the vertical scrollbar back in the tree as well. That’s great - I can live with this. Though it would also be nice if the dialog was resizeable.

Thanks again