Code formatter dialog - Custom tab issues


These have been old issues, I never reported them, but today somehow it seems more annoying than usual.

  1. I navigated to Options->Editor Formatter->Custom tab.

  2. Issue #1. Expanding nodes does not refresh the tree (I am using windows 2008 r2). To get the node refreshed I have to click again on the tree node and then its child nodes appear.

  3. Issue #2. There is no scrollbar in the formatter options tree. The Options dialog itself is not resizeable. If I expand too many nodes I cannot really get to the bottom nodes.

  4. Issue #3. The keyboard up/down keys don’t work on the formatter options tree. I have to use the mouse to navigate to the option I want.

  5. Issue #4. I click on the formatter options tree (the mouse cursor is above the tree). When I try to use the mouse wheel it scrolls the editor behind the Options dialog and not the formatter options tree.

Please fix these issues.


Apparently the same formatter options control seems to behave normally in Toad for Oracle. This product may use a different technology, but it uses the same control. Expanding/collapsing nodes works, a vertical scroll bar appears whenever needed, you can use the up/down arrows to move, when clicking on a page item then the scrollbar moves the tree up and down.

This as a note to everybody looking further into this.

In addition, a small c# test app of mine exercising the formatter control shows no anomalies…


I am using Windows 2008 R2 over remote desktop. Could remote desktop have an impact on this? I wouldn’t think so.

Confirming it’s an issue for me, too.