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Editor: Shift+F2 It does not work correctly

The Shift+F2 key combination does not work correctly in the editor.

Toad for Oracle (64b)

This happens when a new tab (sql) is added and Shift+F2 is pressed

I can reproduce this case and will log. There is another ongoing thread regarding similar issues, possibly the same underlying cause.

It works correctly when there is only one tab (sql).
When there is more than one tab the problem occurs.

Good morning, will there be any solution for this functionality? if so ... for when can this functionality be used cleanly?
... or does each one see how he manages?
Excuse me, I don't know how to proceed

There is nothing you can do to resolve it as a workaround. A change made in March 2019 broke this. The issue will be fixed in next Toad release.

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Excellent thanks