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Editor - Toggle Full Screen Grid (shift-F2) requires two F2 keystrokes first

Most of the time, after a query, I need to do the following sequence to see the full screen data grid: . Usually, if I forget and do immediately, the screen seems to get stuck. Then I have to use a few times to get it freed up and ready to accept for the full screen grid.

FWIW, I work with TOAD displayed on my second monitor. The monitor is rotated to portrait orientation and I have the TOAD window opened at about 1050 x 1890. I have the editor panel pulled up a bit so I can normally see a little of the data grid panel below the editor window

"Mee too" :grinning:. I'm testing
Actually, slightly different problem but, I bet, it is due to the same underlying issue.
When you use a large screen where you resized the docked panels:

... then when moving to a smaller screen (or just restore full screen TOAD window to smaller size) then all panels get incorrect;y layed out (should be resized accordingly, I guess):

  1. The bottom panel ([Script Output] in my screenshot) is using the whole window + the editor tabs hide below the bottom panel + the editor panel covers the bottom panel
  2. editor's scroll bars hide
  3. the status bars cover editor panel at the bottom.

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I'm running, also. F2 will cycle between code and code plus data, as you show; however, I do not need to hit F2 twice before hitting Shift F2. Shift F2 toggles straight to full data view. Shift F2 cycles between code plus data and full screen data.


Shift+F2 problem might have something to do with large (or pivoted) screen or panels docked on the side (I have the same setup as dwmosman). I could not really isolate that - maybe you could..

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What I noticed in portrait display mode (actually same error Portrait and Landscape monitor) is that Shift F2 does not work when only code is displayed; I must press F2 once to see code and data before Shift F2 will toggle to display only data.


I noticed some additional details to add to the mix.

Pic 1: As before, Select statement completes, data grid is populated

Pic 2: Shift-F2 - The code window expands completely to the left. The data grid becomes full screen behind the code panel!
(At this point, repeated use of Shift-F2 will alternate between pic 1 and pic 2 layouts)

Pic 3: First F2 keystroke

Pic 4: Second F2 keystroke
The Navigator panel is now displayed in locked open position, even though I didn't pin it myself.
I noticed tonight that if I manually unpin it (so it withdraws into the left side bar), then the screen layout is locked. Nothing happens when I use Shift-F2 or F2. If I manually expand the navigator window and repin it to lock it in place, then I can proceed with the F2/F2/shift-F2 routine as per my previous post

I think the problem with Shit+F2 appears only if the Navigator window is on the side and unpinned.
When it is pinned to the side I could not replicate the problem.

I think you may be right. When running on a vertical monitor, that extra two inches on the right is valuable space so I leave navigator unpinned.

Seems to be resolved in the latest beta (I'm running :+1: