Enhancement on Entities Properties--> Attribute Tab


I found that it is a bit confuse tohave 2 Add buttons on “Entities Properties–> Attribute Tab”i.e. The first add button(which has a textbox next to it) allow userto enter some text for the name of the attribute, when use press addbutton beside it, it would add the attribute on it.

Another Add button which is in thegroup of “Add, Edit, Delete” buttons, the Add function will addand Attribute with default attribute name. E.g. Attribute1,Attribute2.

At the moment, i am a bit stupid, quiteoften to press the Add button underneath the text box to add theattribute(in which I should click on the add button beside the textbox).

I would suggest that it would be lessconfuse to merge 2 Add buttons together, if user did not enter anytext to the text box, it could use the default values. I.E.Attribute1, Attribute2, if the user have entered some text on it, itwill use the text in the text box as the name of the attribute.

I think it would make it a bit clear.

Please let me know if you want moreexplanation.

Many thanks


Hello Chi,

Thanks for the problem description and your suggestion.

Yes, you’re right. It’s not clear enough.
If you write an attribute name to the text box, the main Add button might be disabled at least so as you will know what Add to press.

Temporary solution for you: After you write the attribute name, simply press Enter. This might help you to avoid the problem for now.

In any case, your suggestion is very good and we will consider it. - CR # 34 435.