Enhancement on Model/Workspace panel.


I am not sure if i have ask similar question before, if I have post a similar suggestion before, please ignore this post.
I am wondering if it is possible to introduce some facilities on the workspace panel to all user to close down (all the model/or all the other models ) when the mouse position is on the Model's tab and to close down (all the workspaces/ or all the other workspaces) when the mouse position is on the workspace tab which underneath the model tab. , where it has Model tab and within the model . (E.g. A pop up mean appear when user right click on it would be good).
Because sometime when the user have opened multiple model/workspace, it would make it clear to close down the other workspaces/models which is not currently in use. Instead of the need to click on the cross button on the side of the workspaces panel, it would be nice if the user could just right click and select the option that want to perform, e.g. Close all or close all other model/workspaces.

Another suggestion is, I am wondering if it is possible to copy the entity from one model/workspace to the other. Because, i think it would make life a bit easier, if you can copy the category from one model to the other, which save you time to re-create it again. I think if toad can have a user library that would be great. E.g. User can put some entity/notes/category into the library, when they create a new model, they could just drag and drop the object from library/Template to the workspaces, which save the time on re-create the object. E.g Category, some common Entity .. etc.
I have find a minor problem, which does not affect the performance of Toad Data modeller. When the user right Click on The model in Application View, it has a option called “Activate model”. If the model already activate, this options will be disabled. I have did some experiment on that function, sometime it does not work as i expected.
I have opened up 2 existing model which i have created before (they are MySQL 5 model) E.g. Model A, Model B
then I have created 2 new Logical Model, which I have not saved E.g. Called Model C, Model D

The model display on the application view as below

Model A
Model B
Model C
Model D

Then I use the application view windows to set the Model B to be active, by right click on it and select “Activate Model”
After that I Closed Model D.
Then Model A is marked as Active model on Application view window, while Model B is displayed on the Model/Workspace panel. Which has little bit contradiction. And the “Activate Model” is disabled on The model A as well. I understood that is not a big issue, as user can select the model on the Model/workspaces panel anyway. It still a good thing to fix to make it consistent.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


Hello Chi,

Thanks for your tips on enhancements. Let me have some comments.

  1. Close Designers of all model Workspaces.
    CR # 36 781, low priority.

At the moment, for models you don’t use, you can select appropriate model in AW and click the close cross button on the right. (See the attachment.) The model with all designers of all its workspaces will close. (You don’t have to close one designer after another.)

  1. Copy entity from one WS to another, from one model to another.

This is possible, even between models of different databases. Here are some options (use CTRL):

A: Edit | Copy/Paste, or via shortcuts CTRL + C, CTRL + V.


  • Within a Workspace.
  • Between Workspaces.
  • Between WSs of different Models.

B: Entities dialog (Model menu | Entities)

  • in the Entities dialog itself.
  • from the Entities dialog to a Workspace and vice versa.
  • between the Entities dialog and Model Explorer | Entities folder.
  • between the Entities dialogs of two different models.

C: Model ExplorerUse:

You can make copies of entities:

  • in Model Explorer itself.
  • from Model Explorer to a Workspace and vice versa.
  • between Model Explorer and the Entities dialog (also of a different model), and vice
  • between two Model Explorers | Entities folder of two different models.

Of course, you can copy also other objects.
(Take notice of difference between a copy and a shortcut of object. A copy is another new object.)

Concerning the Gallery, this request has already been raised. We will consider it for future. Thanks.

  1. Activate Model issue

This option should be used when you like to open or activate a designer of appropriate model/WS in the Application Window (AW).
AW and AV (Application View) are related, however at the same time independent. - Example: Model B is activated in AW, however you select model D in AV to close it.
Or, you can have model B still active in AW, however can create or open new models, switch between them in AV and look over their workspaces etc. Still the model B is active in AW.
Well, this was a brief explanation how it works.

Back to your example: After you close model D, the model that is active in AW - model B - should be automatically marked as active in AV. We will deal with it. CR # 36 783.

Thanks very much.


close_model_designers.doc (62.5 KB)