Enhancement on TDM Generate Check Box.


Another feature would be good is to select/de-select generation check box for Procedure/View/Function/Entity,
so that the user can de-select all the procedure that they want/don’t want and just check the one the want to generate while they are modifying the Model.

It would be very useful, when the user only want to generate specific script. Probably is a feature on the tool menu or somewhere suitable.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


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Hello Chi,

Thank you for your suggestions.
I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean.
In TDM, you have a possibility to select what function/procedure/view/entity etc. you like to generate. Please see the appropriate properties dialog and select or clear the Generate checkbox.
Let’s say you have Function1, Function2 and Function3. F1 and F2 have the Generate checkbox selected in their Function Properties dialogs. F3 has this checkbox clear. If you press F9, select Functions in OTPs selection and click Generate, only F1 and F2 will be generated.

To sum up, you can decide if you like to generate particular objects in SQL script - select or clear the Generate checkbox in the object Properties dialog.

Chi, if I’ve misunderstood, please write me back. Thanks very much.



Hi Vladka,

<<To sum up, you can decide if you like to generate particular objects inSQL script - select or clear the Generate checkbox in the objectProperties dialog.>>

Yeah that is what I want. I want to have function to select or clear all the “generate” checkbox on particular type of Object, E.g. View, Entity, Function or Procedure, once I cleared all, I can just click on generate check box when I want to generate it especially for any newly created object.
Of course it would be great if we could have a dialog box to allow us to select what we want to generate for all these object.

Sorry about the post is quite confusing, because I am not good at explaining thing.

Sorry about that.


Thanks Chi,

Now it’s clear, thanks again.

We will consider your suggestion. CR # 50 399.

In any case, there are already several requests to enhance selection/generation of items for SQL script generation (e.g. CR 46 249, 46 079…posted in the community.) - Yes, the improvements are planned and we will work on these issues in the future.
Thanks for your patience and great co-operation!