Set Generate for each workspace separately

Hello in New Year.

Maybe I missed some option, but I would like to see ‘Generate’ checkbox be possible to set up in for each workspace independently.

Thanx to workspaces, large projects may be divided into some logical parts. But even if some objects may appear in multiple workspaces there is no need to generate them multiple times (I mean with each workspace).
It happens that I develop some new part of the system, which is using just existing tables. I put such tables into new workspace together with new objects. But I want to generate only new ones. Unfortunately setting up ‘Generate’ checkbox changes its state in whole project. It is very unneeded behaviour to me.

best regards

Hi Michal,

Thank you very much for the attention you pay to the forum and Toad Data Modeler Team wishes you and all the other active forum members and TDM users a happy new year and success in business activities!

Re your suggestion: There might be various ways how to get what you need and having the Generate option for each workspace might be one of them. Unfortunately there are objects like procedures, functions etc. that cannot be added to a workspace and in future you might need something similar for such objects as well.

Now I can recommend you to select workspace on DDL script generation dialog and then manually check or uncheck checkboxes on tab entities, procedures etc…

If you wish to get more, I think Categories could be used in combination with scripting. You are experienced user of TDM and I suppose you already explored the power of scripting. In the following article I tried to explain how to use categories via scripting:

Imagine how easy it could be to write a macro that would allow you to select entities and add them to “Copied” category (objects in such category should not be generated), a macro that would set Generate option to false for all objects that belong to the “Copied” category… a macro that will reset the state of Generate option and so on… With a small set of simple scripts you can get better tool that does not offer plenty of settings for rarely used scenarios but helps you to achieve desired results easier.



Thank you for quick answer.

Currently I’m using manual selection of generated objects, but it is global for project (Settings of ‘Generate DDL’ cannot be saved into separate files as far as I know - which would be nice improvement though). So while working/reworking with other workspaces I lost previous settings.

Using scripting with categories might work. Thanx for idea. I’ll try to manage it this way
I’m just looked around for easier ways.

BTW (and bit of OT): I still begging for possibility of adding SPs into workspaces (including drawing them in workspaces and exported pictures) :slight_smile:

best regards

Hi Michal,

thank you for sending me additional info. We know that saving settings into files or even better as aliases (for more comfortable repetitive use) is a good idea and I am glad you confirm that it is needed.

Re SP: thanks for the feedback. Another possibility is to improve Projects… today I cannot say which way we will go. But it’s always good to know what users want and I thank you for the reminder :slight_smile:

Soon we will launch Idea Management solution for TDM where users will be able to add ideas and suggestions and vote for the most required features. The more votes idea gets the sooner it can be expected in product. This might help us all to get better idea of what should appear in the product sooner, later or never.

Have a nice day,