enhancement request...add 'APPEND' option when Exporting Dataset to a file

Add an ‘Append’ option when Exporting Dataset to a file, so it is
possible to export a batch of insert statements for various tables and
append them into one file. Currently, I run a script of 10+ sql
statements that prompts for a value in the where clause. Then Export
the data from each grid as insert statements onto the clipboard and
paste them one at a time into the editor to run. Or if you could make
the queries in ‘Copy Data to another Schema’ prompt for &&parameters,
that would work too… :slight_smile:

The “copy data to another schema” functionality does have the
ability to specify a where clause on each table. Will that solve your problem?

Good idea about the Append To File option on Export Dataset.

For your specific situation, you could also try combining the queries
into one UNION:

Select ‘insert into x(columnlist) values (’’’ || col1 || ‘’’,’’’
);’ cmd
from x
union all
Select ‘insert into y(columnlist) values (’ || col1 || ‘,’’’ );’
from y
union all

Then you just get one data grid, and one export/paste, instead of ten.

Nate Schroeder
IT Commercial Technical Services - Data Management Team
Monsanto Company
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