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Enhancements data export


I have an idea to add for data extract (that I usually need ),
that in data extract we can add a filter of the data if all tables chosen have the same common columns.

This feature already there in copy table to another schema; just to apply the same to data extract.



I'll consider the possibility,

but in the meantime, you could achieve this is in automation designer by making a series of exports, all writing to same file, and specifying same query but with different table for each one.


Thanks for considering it,
but for the automation designer it always replace the file not appending,
how i can let it append to same file.



There are options for that. Which Toad version are you on and which export format are you using (Excel, delimited, insert statements, etc)?


i use generate merge statements


oh, ok. Yeah there is no way to append files with that option.

You'd have to just export to separate files and then run each script separately.


I'll look at adding where clause in there tomorrow. It should be an easy thing to add.


Next beta:


Thanks for update.
but actually i tried today with latest version, the where clause was with no effect, all data exported.
(I chose 2 tables with same where clause-applied together-with merge statement export )


I just tested this in and it worked as expected for me. The rows exported are limited by the "where" clause that I added.

On Monday I'll provide more details on how this should work.


Here's a short video showing the effect of adding the "where" clause to the export. If multiple tables are involved and you want the where clause applied to all of them, you'll have to add it to each one. You can multiselect and right-click to do that. (I made a few minor GUI enhancements to this for next beta so it is easier to set up)

If you discovered some bug, please give me details so that I can reproduce it.


I tried, it is working from automation designer, but not from schema browser.


I see that, thank you. Fixed for next beta.