enhancement request: Column tab for TABLE or MV in SB

Currently in Toad 10.1 if you uncheck option “DATA TYPES è Include
Byte/Char spec when creating DDL…” then it correctly creates a
script without the BYTE/CHAR specification.

But in Toad 10.1 it also affects the COLUMN tab of the TABLE and MV display of
the SB. I believe we should always see BYTE or CHAR here just in case someone
created a definition and hardcoded them instead of accepting the
NLS_CHAR_SEMANTICS (or something like that) value. We are currently in a normal
to UTF8 adventure and the only way I have to check if a table or MV definition
is correct is to use the ALTER TABLE wizard. But that is cumbersome.

I have not installed Toad 10.5 yet. Is it by any chance different?

10.5 acts the same way, but I just fixed this in the beta.