the COLUMN tab of an F4 in Toad 10.6 does not show BYTE or CHAR for VARCHAR2

There are two important tabs in the F4 dialogue. One is the SCRIPT the other is
the COLUMN tab.

The SCRIPT tab should be obeying the Toad Option=>DBA TYPES=>Include
BYTE/CHAR spec when creating DDL……

But the COLUMN tab should not. It should always indicate if it is BYTE or CHAR.
We now have a UTF8 database with CHAR semantics. So by default all VARCHAR2
columns become CHAR. But things happen either because of Oracle bugs or some
mistake or …… So it is necessary when looking at a column definition to
show whether it is BYTE or CHAR. So that if something is wrong you can F4 or go
to the SB and check exactly what it is.

I agree, but some may not. Will you idea pond this?

With 7 working days left I don’t want to learn how to use the pond.

No problem, I probably wouldn’t either. If someone else agrees, they can
cast add it and cast their vote. :slight_smile:

I refuse to believe that you will ever retire from Toad.

Well I may stay on the list for “Talk like a Pirate” Fridays.