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Environmental variables

i need to use my Toad for Oracle version on a pc where i cannot modify the environmental variables (oracle home, tns admin ecc ecc)

is there a way to set those variables in toad instead that in windows?


i use oracle instant client

I think if you put the instant client files in the same folder as Toad.exe, then you won't have to add it to the path. I am not sure if the same trick will work with tnsnames.ora, and not having to make a tns_admin, but if you connect using the "Direct" tab on the login window in Toad, then you don't need to have a tnsnames.ora file.

To answer your question more directly - you cannot set these in Toad. Let me know if the above trick works.

i tried with the instant client oracle but is seems not to work: toad does not recognize the client

Hm. Well, you could try putting it in a location that is already in your path....or explain to your management/IT department that setting the path is necessary to do your work.