TOAD (15.1) not recognizing TNS_ADMIN env variable

I previously set a TNS_ADMIN variable at the user level and TOAD would not recognize it. I tried to set one at the system level, and TOAD still does not see it. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Make sure your Oracle client is listed in your PATH. You want to add the folder containing oci.dll. TNS_ADMIN simply points to where your Oracle net configuration files exist. The Oracle client still needs to be properly configured by being in PATH, etc.

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Also, for whatever reason, you need to restart your PC for Toad to find something after adding it to your path.

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Thanks all, added to my PATH, but I'll need to wait until EOD to reboot.

You should be able to run Toad in no-client mode until then. No reboot is needed for environment variable changes.