ER Diagram script export (change scale/resolution)

I want to use Toad Data Modeler in a batch script to automatically export ER Diagrams as PNG on commandline. This script is part of our documentation generation system.

The script is working fine, but the quality of the exported images is bad. When I manually export ER Diagrams, there is an Option “Scale”, which I can set from default “100” to “200”.

In the Developer Guide I’ve found “HeightPx” and “WidthPx” on the ImagePNG class, but they are read-only.

Is there a way to change the resolution or scale of exported images over the scripting interface? Is the fixed in any newer version of Toad Data Modeler? Thanks for help!


images cannot be scaled via scripting and currently there is no plan to add such option to future versions. Processing and generation of large images might be an issue.

The only thing I can recommend is to make sure that you set ImagePNG.ColorDepth = 4. In this case, device-independent true-color bitmap that uses 24 bits per pixel will be generated.