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Error connecting to Sql Server 2008 R2 from SQL Server 7.1

I am getting:

Incorrect syntax near '{'.

The a message is displayed: Couldn't find view DATABASEBACKUPFILEDS

Version: Toad for SQL Server (64 bit)
OS: Windows 2016

How can we fix this so I can see the databases list?


Hi Bogdan,
this typo is already fixed for the next release (it was TMB-2244). For now you could install an older patch version to get it working.

Hi, Dan,

when you say "older patch version" do you mean an older version of Toad? What is the most recent version that I can use?

Also, just curious, when is the next version out?

This bug made me think about your testing process. Perhaps from now on you should include in your testing plan a script to test the connectivity to older versions of sql server.


Hi Bogdan,
Yes, use 7.1 or 7.0.x.
We don't test on SQL Server 2008 anymore because it's unsupported by Microsoft, and thus we don't support it either.
Users reported this error only on 2008 R2.

Thanks for the quick reply. When is the next version scheduled to be released?

I installed the previous version and it works. Thanks!

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It's not been decided yet. Since there is the EoY coming I guess on the turn of Jan and Feb 2020 we'll have 7.1.3 with the fix included.