Error generating DLL script

It happened again: I was working on a model and an error fired when I tried to save the model.
After that, I was able to open again the model, but Generate DLL script doesn't work anymore, showing me a long list of errors.
Please, find attached the current model and the first error's screenshot.

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iinet.txp (284 KB)

To go on with my work I tried to copy elements from the bugged iinet model and paste them into a new model, but that operation failed, too, with another error.

The model itself is not that huge, so I can redesign it, but since this error happens quite frequently, I aletred you, hoping you can find the bug (and, hopefully, recover my Model :wink:

Hello Arialdo,

We’ve found a problem in your model - relationship8.
We corrected it (see the attachment). Now it should work fine.

If you encounter any problem, please do not hesitate to write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team
IINET_corrected.TXP (282 KB)