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Error while generating change script



In TDM 6.5, while generating change script for a table I am getting error message. I am facing this issue only after upgrading to 6.5

Please find the attached screen snap for reference and assist me to fix this.

Thanks !!


Hello, IMHO you are facing the same exception as I do, take a look: Generate DDL script - Access violation

What’s your Microsoft Edge version, please?


Hello Jiri,

I checked this thread Generate DDL script - Access violation but it didn’t resolve the issue.

BTW my Microsoft edge version is
Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134

  1. How Microsoft edge is linked to TDM ?
  2. Any other alternate option to generate change script between 2 data models ?

Thanks !!


Ad1) It’s linked via JScript.
Ad2) Don’t know, sorry.

Have you installed Windows October’s update, please?


Hello Raaj,
on this screen is link “click here”. Could you please click on this link, and send us details. On next dialog is checkbox Copy to Clipboard, please check it and click to OK, after paste content to text document.
Thank you

BTW: Please write us model type




As requested please find the attached document

  1. Screen Snap - From click here screen.
  2. Text document
  3. Model Type - Physical Data Model MySQL 5.0
    1029 Text Document.txt (99.0 KB)



I did not update windows with October updates.

Thanks !!


Hello Raaj,
I can reproduce this bug, it is appear only when you use change script generation from popup menu on Entity and Entity has some relationships. Work around is use Change script wizard. I log this bug as TDM-4866, it will be fixed in next Beta release version.

Thank you for cooperation