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Error in cross platform query 4206 'Invalid data source definition:'

When querying sqlserver and any other platform I receive the error msg below,
have tried different versions of MSSqlServer 2005, 2008.
No problems querying across Oracle,Access and excel.

Got error 4206 ‘Invalid data source definition: Driver’s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed’ from HUB

Running Trial version of Toad for Data Analyst version 3


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This would only occur if you are trying to execute a Cross-Conneciton query. Is that what you are trying to do? If that is the case I would like you to add the following to the command line. I usually put this in my desktop shortcut.


Restart toad and try the Query again. Then go to the Help menu and generate a Support Bundle. Send that to me.

If you are not trying to use a Cross-Connection query, then make sure the editor or Query Builder you are using does not have the ‘blue band’ on the side stating it is for Cross-Query.


Thanks for the reply, resolved the problem by specifying the ‘SQL native Client’ as the ODBC driver rather than the default.

Yes it was a cross connection query.

When querying more than 2 platforms (Oracle, MSSL,Access) the query is quite slow,
is this to be expected?

It may be slow depending on how your query is built. I go into a little bit about tuning a cross-query in this video.

Have a look at the section regarding explain plans and subqueries.