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Error on easy Automation


I’m trying to use automation. I designed my report (.tdr file) and put it in a connection box in automation process. When I try it, I got strange error message :

Automation Logging:26/01/2012 10:46:28: La valeur ne peut pas être null.
Nom du paramètre : input
Automation Logging:26/01/2012 10:46:28: à System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(String input)
à Quest.Toad.Db.SqlFunction.EvaluateParameters(IConnection connection, String sql)
à Quest.Toad.Workflow.Activities.Database.BindVariableCheck.GetSqlandBindVars(IConnection conn, String SqlScript, Object[]& bindvars)
à Quest.Toad.Workflow.Activities.Database.ToadReportActivity.ReportGenerated()
Automation Logging:26/01/2012 10:46:28: Failed

I’ve checked : I can’t see parameter named “input”. My database connection is fully saved (pass and login).

What’s the problem ?

Thanks in advance,


It’s hard to say what’s going on here without having a script and report files. Can you post them here or send to me directly to I’m talking about tas and tdr files. Also, what version of TDA are you using?